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Stop in or call Best Mattress Inc to find out how we can help you get the best mattress deals. Find what you’re looking for and more. Our customer focused philosophy guarantees that you will have a great experience doing business with us. You will always be the most important person when you come to Best Mattress Inc. 

See what our happy customers are saying about our work! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and look forward to providing you with great service.
A locally owned great place to shop for your next mattress! All the guys there are very helpful and friendly. And the prices are very affordable. The warranties on the mattresses are great as well. I will definitely be purchasing future mattresses from Best Mattress Inc. Thank you, Chris & crew/ You guys are great!

- Tami S.  |  2/28/2016

If you want the "customer comes first" shopping experience, then this is the mattress place to go. Chris helped me get the mattress that was right for me at a good price. No rushing, no pressure to buy a certain model, and it just got delivered and it's great. You really are wasting your time going to the mattress chain stores - save yourself the hassle and the runaround and go to a place that is family owned and that knows how to treat their customers right.

- Bill K.  |  3/5/2016

Don't waste your time shopping around town for a mattress; I already did. There is a reason this locally owned business is still in business, they have great, no pressure customer service. I needed a mattress for my spare room and was able to get one at a fair price with a ten-year warranty. They delivered it the very next day on the East side of town.

- Kevin C.  |  2/25/2016

Such a wonderful local business. Fred was so helpful and found the perfect mattress for me. He has had his family business for over 30 years and is dedicated to customer service. I would highly recommend this spot.

- Heidi U.  |  11/2/2015

Great family-owned local business! Nice people, quick accommodating delivery, and I love my bed. Competitive pricing and great service! I decided to buy from Best Mattress Inc because of their great reviews and my personal feeling that I could trust them with my business. Very happy with my choice going with them.

- Jenna S.  |  11/15/2015

Save time and shop here for quality products, great pricing, and great service. No need to go anyplace else.

We purchased two Twin and one King size Dr's Choice mattresses for a cost well below the price of one King mattress of same or lesser quality at the local furniture and mattress stores. (BTW, all our guests have commented on how comfortable the mattresses are and how well they slept!) 

Due to the location of window shutters and other features in the home we had to keep overall bed height under a certain measure. Fred suggested that we use a shorter base which he could have custom-made in a week or so for no additional cost. We took his suggestion and ended up with beds that fit perfectly!

- JS R.  |  2/19/2015

Came here to find a mattress for my son for college. We were greeted right away and asked important questions. My son and husband were testing out the mattresses and I went and roamed around. Fred introduced himself and we chatted away. His son (sorry I didn't get his name) helped my son and they set up delivery for the SAME day!

Fred was so personable, the business is his and his sons' family owned. They spoke directly to my son, explaining the warranty and if any problems, to call them direct.

Very reasonable prices, no frills store which is great for savings! Would recommend this place 1000 times over!!!

Thanks, guys!! You put a mom's mind to rest!!

- Mary C.  |  08/19/2014


I am a first-time college student and I had a budget of $300 so I decided to look on line for mattress stores in Tucson so I got my results and I could believe how many mattress stores that were in Tucson I was shocked. So I hesitated at first because I knew if I selected one of the big box stores I would probably end up with financing so I canceled that out and I was browsing and I found this mattress store and it was a bright yellow old Pueblo building so I gave it shot. I went to Best Mattress Inc and walked in the store and I was surprised, they had really good stuff in there definitely not what I was expecting when I walked in. So I browsed around a bit to check out some prices and they were pretty low priced so I ask the gentlemen at the desk why the prices were so low and he chuckled and said, "Do you see any high overhead here" and I looked around and he was right there were couple of employees but nothing fancy. So I asked him if he would reduce the price on the bed I selected, and he said, "maybe how much are you willing to pay". So I said $300. He said, "OK you got it". I could believe it was that and he did a free delivery the very same day I purchased it. I will also remember this place cause of the price and Chris that's my name the manager gave me. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone I know.

- Chris. B.  |  08/08/2014

What you'll find here is more than just a great deal; you'll also get good old-fashioned and honest service.

Best Mattress Inc made finding a good-quality mattress in my price range so easy. I was helped by Fred today, who answered any questions I had, but mostly just allowed me to explore what was in the showroom without being the least bit pushy. I settled on an exceptionally comfortable queen-size pillow-top mattress set that cost only $499. He informed me that I could get free same-day delivery in the neighborhood. He had his guys out to set up my new bed and take the old mattress just three hours later. Not only that, Fred seems to really enjoy getting to know his customers. He and I chatted for quite a while and he even recommended a reputable mechanic to me, which I've been struggling to find for quite some time.

I highly recommend shopping here for your next mattress.

- Sarina J.  |  07/11/2014

The Price Is So Right

I have always heard good things about Best Mattress Inc, but like most good things, you never truly know unless you try them for yourself. My girlfriend had been sleeping on a dreadfully small twin size bed. We had many sleepless nights, kicking, rolling, and pushing each other trying to find a comfortable spot to sleep. I nagged at her day in and day out to get a new mattress, finally taking it upon myself to find her a deal she could not refuse.

Finances can create a fine wall between the things that you want and the things that you need. However, Best Mattress Inc owners Chris and his dad Fred worked with us on their prices to find us not only an affordable bed, but a bed we could brag about.

When I brought my girlfriend down to their store on Roger and Stone, she was a little nervous about going in. Like a dealer shop, she was afraid of being pushed toward buying a bed out of her price range. But once we walked through those doors all worrisome thoughts were put to rest as we were met with an unmatched humility and kindness.

Fred asked my girlfriend a couple of questions to see what type of bed she was looking for. Then he motioned to a couple of beds that might help her get a more comfortable sleep. Fred stressed to us that it was important that we got a bed we liked and not just a bigger bed that could match the price we were looking for. Fred walked us around till she had found a bed she really loved. The price was a little above what we were looking for, but Fred worked with our financial situation. We got the bed, the box spring, frame, and delivery all for one affordable price. Now my girlfriend and I can comfortably sleep in the same bed without fear of kicking or shoving each other off the other end. 

- Isaac  |  01/18/2014

2 days ago I called Fred at 17:00 and told him i wanted to buy a bed and would be there in 15 minutes. On the way, my car stalled and would not start, it's a 5-speed manual so three guys pushed it back into running. With the traffic and the breakdown, I got to Best Mattress Inc a few mins after 18:00 which is 6 pm and the store was closed. Fred saw me looking thru the window and welcomed me into the store. I ask what was the cheapest bed, with mattress and box springs and frame, he showed me a floor model of a queen size with the price listed at 299.00 for the queen. I asked when he could have it delivered and he told me tomorrow between 11:00 am and noon.

What great service, the bed was delivered and set up by Fred's son and another employee of the store. I got a great bed at a really great price and I will be a repeat buyer at "Best Mattress Inc"!

- Roger Stiltner  |  04/25/2013

Fred is the best!

Sold my king mattress and needed a queen 1/2 before Best Mattress Inc closed on 6/25/12. Fred, the owner was wonderful! I would recommend him to anyone needing new mattresses set. He is a small business owner with that old time mentality of "you treat your customers like family". Not like just another sale they do in the big box stores

Fred was accommodating, understanding and all around a great guy. His son and grandson are also nice people. When I need a new mattress for my guest room he'll be my go-to guy!

Thanks, Fred.

- Bill & Sondra  |  03/31/2012

Best mattress Inc is the best place to buy a mattress. Knowledgeable and friendly prices are great and the quality of the products are amazing. I recommend them to anyone.

- Lauren  |  10/20/2011

Excellent Customer Service

Fred will do anything to take care of his customers and make them happy. Initially, I had visited a mattress store up the street to comparison shop, but once I came to Fred's store, my shopping stopped. He matched the already low offer I had received at the other store and insisted on free delivery as well as per the offer. His delivery staff was very personable and setup everything in a snap.

I am extremely pleased with my purchase. As others have said, the quality of his products and services is truly the best!

- Jon  |  08/07/2011

Best Mattress Shopping Experience! Honest owners! 

I looked for a new bed for a long time. I would go in the usual places and be immediately turned off by the sales people and the push to buy what I didn't need, etc., and would give up. Then I ran across the reviews for Best Mattress Inc and had to check it out. What a different experience! So pleasant, so relaxing. The owner was there doing some work at a desk in front; he welcomed me pleasantly and told me to ask him when I had any questions, then left me alone to shop in peace. When I told him what I was looking for, he immediately led me to the bed I ended up buying. It was not the most expensive mattress in the store, it was the one that matched what I needed. The price was just under $400 for a queen bed, complete with box spring and plain but solid frame, and it is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned.

I have had the bed almost a year now and am as happy with it as the day I bought it. Go see Fred!

- Jen T  |  07/23/2011

Sweetest and most generous people!

I was in the process of moving and needed a plastic cover for my mattress. I went in expecting to buy one and they gave me one for free. Whenever I need a new mattress, I will go back to them.

- S.V.  |  06/15/2011

The best!
I recently bought a new mattress at Best Mattress Inc from Fred. The price, quality, and service are the best, just like the name says. I would recommend them to anyone

- Linda  |  05/20/2011

Awesome service!

I'd driven by Best Mattress Inc for about a year before stopping in for a bed frame. I received incredibly friendly service and conversation. There's just something about doing business with someone who's been in it for a long time. I thought the prices were fair, the particular product I wanted was brand new (even though I would have purchased it used) and he even walked it out to my car for me.

- uncorpblogger  |  04/07/2011

Friendly service!

I shopped around and came back to see Fred. Not only was he friendly and informative, but he beat the prices of all the others. Save yourself time and money by seeing Best Mattress Inc first.

- Jay  |  03/07/2011

Excellent service!

I went in to purchase a queen size bed for my son on Friday, the 17th of December. Not only did I get a really good deal on a bed, but it was delivered promptly and exactly the very next day on December 18th! The owner was very friendly, informative, and accommodating and I shall do business there again and shall recommend it to my friends/family.

- Best Mattress  |  12/18/2010

Great service!

I was looking for a new box spring but on a tight budget, Fred was helpful, understanding, and over all fantastic. You rarely get customer service like that anymore. He also gave me a U of A student discount.

- kelly 14  |  12/15/2010

Personalized service sealed with a handshake. The In-laws are Coming! The In-laws are Coming! And because of the In-laws are Coming! (and by luck of the GPS draw), I found myself at Best Mattress Inc. I could not have picked a better store to visit! No schmoozing. No "let me ask the manager." No nonsense! Owner Fred Byerly offered me not only HONEST, personalized service with none of the sales-tactic shenanigans I had encountered with other chain stores, but he also gave me a great military discount. Now my in-laws may like me a little bit more since they won't be sleeping on an air mattress!

Don't be fooled by the store's comparatively small selection--if you want to support a local AZ business that offers both integrity in its sales staff and quality, American-made mattresses, then visit Best Mattress Inc.

Thanks a million, Fred!

- Christina  |  11/24/2010

No pressure, Great prices, And a great experience!

I walked into Best Mattress Inc expecting to be confronted by a high-pressure salesman. I couldn't have been more wrong, the salesman was also the owner I think. He was very nice and answered all the questions I had. He had a great selection and his prices were a lot better than the other places I went. I love my new bed.

- Second hand lions  |  11/06/2010

Excellent service and quality!

The glass desk I purchased was excellent and worth every penny I spent. The Byerly's have great customer service. I highly recommend their store.

- Brainiak  |  10/29/2010

Excellent service and quality!

Don't let the flashy colors deter you from this great mattress store. After shopping around I wanted to check out the local store in my neighborhood. I am so glad I did, not only are the mattresses made in America but Fred is awesome. Just great service at outstanding prices. Highly recommended.

- HG  |  10/10/2010

Nice place to do business part 2!

Pity this site limits the size of the review. Continuing...All of these stores have high overhead for fancy show rooms, advertising and pay their salespeople commissions. All guaranteed to increase the cost to the consumer. That's you. Best Mattress Inc is different. First, of course, is the building and its location. No fanciness here to drive up the overhead. But so what, you're not buying ambiance, you're after a reasonable deal on a decent mattress. There also isn't a crowd of salespeople waiting to descend on you when you arrive, there's just Fred, owner and operator of a family business. Fred has treated us right, and we think he will do the same for you.

- Wes  |  10/09/2010

Great place to buy mattresses!

Best Mattress Inc has great customer service and great prices. I highly encourage anyone to give them business. Great deals for you college students!

- Buddy  |  09/03/2010

I am a college student that attends the U of A..my parents wanted to buy me a new bed for my apartment and we saw the big yellow building! Great selection in all price ranges, great service, and very friendly staff!

- Student  |  08/16/2010

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