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Thanks clicking on this page! We are Best Mattress Inc we are strong and a supportive family business, our business has been thriving for almost 40 years now and we are proud of what we accomplished.

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My Story

Here is our story. It all started when my father was a truck driver in Danville Illinois he was working long tirelessly hours and he told me, son I think we should head west and get out of the cold climate and I said, "sure Dad lets do it!" So we proceed to leave in the next few moths moving and packing all of our belongings and I had sisters also and my mother. They all agreed as well! So when we got to Arizona my Dad said to me "I think this is the place son, me too Dad. So we began to settle in, now at that time in the 50's there wasn't much, but there was a lot of land to buy. So my father bought some land and started building our own house from scratch now my father was a true and sensational builder he could build anything, cause we was taught by his father. As time past over the years I was going to school and college I started work sure after cause, the copper mines was some good money at the time. I had met my beautiful wife not to far after and we had a son I had bought my own house and right when I did the next few days I had got laid from the mines. I was devastated I didn't know what to do! So I had no experience what so ever, but hard labor experience and I went to school to be an accountant "I sure was good with my numbers'. So my Dad now retired from trucking I pleaded with him to start a business for the family, so this is when we founded Best Mattress Inc and it's been in our family ever since.  What we have to offer is the true customer eye to experience, we go over and beyond to make sure you our customer gets the best care. We are honest and fair at we have have to offer anyone that comes in or store . My name is Fred I love a good conversation about sports and I love to get to know my customers. My employee Aron loves to joke around but, is a true honest worker and we have Adam, they are both dedicated to their job and they're both fans of the Green Bay Packers. We created our website to show people what we have to offer and make it easy has possible to make a purchase from us. We want to share with you what great offers we have to offer to you. We run specials every single day and all these specials will be provided for you all the time. "So look out for theses huge savings" the easiest way to follow us is on our Facebook page or our instagram page. We share what new items that are coming soon and we show specials for that day, week or month so you never miss what is coming in the future. We have big changes for this year so.. watch out for those details on our social media platforms. We started when I got laid off from the mines and my Dad I wanted to start a company together so we created Best Mattress Inc. We are committed to our customers, we always go over and beyond with our customer service, that's when you walk in the store till your product is delivered to you. We will always accommodate to your schedule at least try our best. Why customers shop with us? We are honest and we will always have fair prices and we will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. 


"Meet our professionals,
Aaron and Adam! They
are a team and they go over and beyond to seek your satisfaction till the min you purchase from us till the time the walk in door and set your

bed from us."

"Aaron and Adam are the best what they do and we are happy to have them on our team."


Fred Byerly

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

(520) 888-7994 

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